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Gameified promotions that drive traffic, generate targeted leads, and increase revenue through deep site engagement.

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Search To Win
This classic word search game has your visitors spending time searching for words that relate to your business or website.
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Memory Magic
Your visitors try to match the hidden pictures. All images are customized to drive your marketing objectives.
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Picture Scramble
Unscrambling a picture that you've uploaded makes a lasting impression on your site visitors.
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and check out our new spin to win pop-style promo too!

shareThat gamefied promotions engage your visitors resulting in increased visit duration, decreased bounce rates, and deeper site exploration.

Go ahead, check out one of our promotions and see for yourself You might even win $100 bucks...

More Traffic

By making extensive use of social networking, shareThat promotions amplify your site's existing organic traffic while turbo-charging your paid advertising campaigns.

Targeted Leads

Many if not most of your site visitors come and go without you ever knowing who they are. With shareThat's promotions, your visitors are turned into valuable leads that can be retargeted over and over.

Increased Revenue

shareThat promotions keep your visitors engaged where you want them - on your site. Interstitials between game play drive visitors deeper into your site, expanding advertising inventory and dramatically increasing conversion rates.

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Get started in less than a minute

We've streamlined our sign-up process so that you'll have the embeddable code for your first shareThat promotion in under a minute. Click here and you'll be on your way...

Happy vistiors keep coming back

shareThat promotions are both fun and rewarding so your visitors will return often. We even send reminder emails to participants further encouraging repeat visits to your site.

Fully skinnable to match your design

With virtually every element of the promotion design cusomizable, shareThat promotions become a seemless and attractive addition to your already beautiful site!

Engaged visitors are hooked!

shareThat promotions keep your visitors on your site. This extended visitor engagement significantly increases the effectivness of your site's messaging helping you better achieve your marketing objectives.

Customized social shares and tweets

Social traffic is free traffic. shareThat promotions are designed to highly leverage Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus by encouraging participants to post often with message content you customize - with all links bringing new visitors to your site.

Expand your base with targeted leads

All participants authenticate using their Facebook credentials. This allows you to know who your visitors are, and retarget them with email and other marketing programs. We even tell you which leads engage the most, and which are the most socially active!

Increase Revenue

Between game plays, shareThat promotions display interstitials that deliver your marketing messaging and deep link into your site. With exceptionally high click-through rates, interstitials encourage multi-page visits and can significantly increase overall conversion rates.

Powerful analytics keep you informed

Online marketing is all about tracking the effectivness of your campaigns. shareThat's comprehensive analytics engine provides you with detailed graphs showing generated site traffic, participation growth, engagement metrics, and social activity.

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